Bonus Stuff

What's up, folks? Welcome to the BONUS STUFF page where Firebrand128, and myself will be posting things that we hope you'll enjoy. SO ENJOY!!!! I've done some art pieces for other comics, as you'll see.  People have posted some "I'll draw your character for you" forums, and Firebrand asked some of them, and we appreciated what they did so much that I had to do a piece for them. People also did a piece for us 'cause they like our comic, and we had to show our overwhelming thanks by doing an image for them as well. We have some more to go, and we'll be posting those as they're finished. I've done some pieces for comics for more mature audiences so I've decided not to post those here. That's it.

Based On True Events


Here's Queen Bee's best friend Sam enjoying time to herself.


Here are our very own Queen Bee and Sam on an amazing adventure.

Here's some fan art for DemonicPlant's comic "Rose Garden". When I did it I didn't realize that two of the characters are actually male. I plan on doing another piece with those two as dudes, but I've been seriously busy. You can check out the fan art DemonicPlant did of Queen Bee in our Fan Art section.


What's up? Here are the two of Demonic Plant's characters that are actually dudes. My mistake.


This is fan art for Blaizikin's comic SpiritBound.



This is from "Frigid Crux" by Soulfury. 



From "Starpunch and Cryo" by Junoro.



"Missing Dream" is the comic. Vousrein the creator.



This is for EmmaDilemma's book "Touch of the Wicked".



Her name is melaredblue. Her spectacular comic is "Princess Chroma".



This is from the comic "Summer In Frosting" by sephirencomics.



This is a piece I did using an image Eggie drew for his comic "Amy Ook".



Me drawing page 3 of issue 3 of Queen bee.


This I did for Revzet's comic "Epic Land".


Zanreo does a comic called Consolers. You have to check it out. I had started this animation for her as a thank you, but it was taking so long that I put it aside a featured two of her characters in a cameo on a page of Once Stung. It's unfinished, but I figured "Why let it go to waste?" So. Here it is.

'ello, matey. JuicyGrey did a piece for us. It's in the Fan Art section. This is my rendition of JuiceyGrey's comic "The Metallic".


Amalockh1 does a comic called Armless Amy. You can read the comic here:, and check out the cutest little drawing of our Queen Bee by Amalockh1 in our Fan Art section


What's up, everyone? "Cool Rhiannon", creator of "Bunny Gore Justice" was kind enough to do a drawing of our comic's character "Queen Bee". You can check it out in the Fan Art section. We were so happy we had to do Bunny Gore. And I thought I'd record it whilst (Yeah. I said whilst) I drew it. You can watch the video below. Please enjoy. Take care.

Cool Rhiannon

BitterSweetApricot. Does a book called "Ricochet" found here: Check it out. You should also check out the piece Ricochet did for us in our Fan Art section.